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Together, we accelerate the growth of the entrepreneur support network across Indonesia.

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This year, we are targeting early stage Indonesian startups with competent founding team and strong traction that have vision to give impact in Diversity & Inclusion.

Get Supported

A 7 week accelerating program with professional experts, specialists, and best-case-practice from fellow startups.

Get Opportunities

Pitch your product or service, and get introduced to potential partners or investors.

Get Connected

Introduction to partners within the startup ecosystem in KUMPUL, and connection with external affiliates for collaboration.

Get Measured

​Understand your growth in a more precise way from the eyes of professional mentors.
How does X Accelerator by KUMPUL generate your startup?

In this second cohort, we are targeting early stage Indonesian startups with competent founding team and strong traction that have vision to give impact in Diversity & Inclusion.

Stage 1: Sourcing

In this second cohort, we are targeting early stage Indonesian startups with competent founding team and strong traction that have vision to give impact in Diversity & Inclusion.

Diversity is all about targeting audience that needs to be empowered – gender (women), culture, ethnicity, and geography (underserved cities), disability. Inclusion is about creating an enabling environment for the audience to express and work to the fullest of their potential.


Diversity and inclusion are about empowerment and equality. Are you the startup we are looking for?


Our Top 6 Startups
in 2022

image 104.png

Parakerja is an Education Platform for Persons with Disabilities & Non-Disabled in order to have equality in the aspects of Education, Accessibility and Employment.


Robries is waste management startup, turning plastic waste into valuable product, bring new perspective into new mindset and new behavior to create waste free planet.

image 105.png

Banana & Partners is a startup focuses on waste management, renewable energy, circular economy, and blockchain.

Screenshot (1760)_edited.jpg

Askara is The Farming as a Service (FaaS) startup that focuses on the inclusive development of the upstream sector by using data and technology

image 103.png

Jubelo is an application-based platform that plays a role in the circular economy.

image 107.png

Muslim Life is a Muslim application with many useful features that will help you perform daily worship and support the implementation of worship
in your daily life.


Interested to be in touch with our Top 6 Startups?

Our Anchor Mentors

IMG_3284-2 1.png
Marlin Siahaan prof pict 1.png
20180427105153-IMG_3414resized (1) 1.png
Stella Lim - CEO PT Ashcrofindo Manunggal (AM) Energy.jpeg

Marlin Siahaan

CEO Telkomsel Mitra


Faye Wongso

CEO & Co-Founder

Stella Lim

CEO PT Ashcrofindo

Manunggal (AM) Energy

Samira Shihab

CEO Tinkerlust
Co-Founder Stellar Woman



Sigit Arifianto
CEO & Founder, Lister

“KUMPUL X Accelerator is an outstanding program that provides booster with numerous potential partnership exploration.”


​Ernest Layman

“We are so lucky to be selected as one out of three startups that got grant supports. So KUMPUL Program is really impactful for the development of Rekosistem and this is the right program for startups to scale up and grow in the future.”


​Bagus Imam Darmawan
Founder & CEO MAPID

“Through the program we made networking with big companies and opened up an opportunity for us to apply our technology."


Ahmad Faiz Sahupala
CEO & Founder, EdukaSystem

"We got dedicated mentor that give us new insight and concern about our progress and workshop with experts that I can interact with them in that workshop."

Widya Skilloka.png

​Redho Ramadhani
Co-Founder & Director, Widya Skilloka

“We got more networks and opportunities for making collaboration with other startups and KUMPUL."


Muhammad Aldis Rusliadi
Co-founder, Head of Product Development, External Affairs MUFIT

“We can learn how to prepare business strategies for our ongoing business to be escalated and grew."


What Makes us Different?

Our program catches the current trend in startups industry that almost not to be concerned in Indonesia. Instead, this trend has potentials to be explored. Diversity & Inclusion are abiut empowerment of the unexplored potentials in respond to this rapid global competitions. We see that there are many people out there who aware on this value but not enough to get opportunity to laverage their ideas. This program is created to support them.

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Hack your growth, scale your impact, and stay sustainable.

Our current registration is already closed. 

 Next batch will be coming soon.

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State of Ecosystem KUMPUL 2022

Accelerating Growth Through Indonesia’s Innovative Startup Ecosystem.

KUMPUL also releasing the latest startup report, State of Ecosystem. This report aims to provide insight and development trends in the future.


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